Context in zorin translations

Hello. I don't know if this is the right category for this topic. But I was doing some zorin translation recently and sometimes I struggled with translation. The reason was that I didn't get the context of the string. Can the zorin dev add a context panel into the tool so it would be easier to know in what context the word is being used and should be translated.


Yeah, understanding context sometimes is hard even for me that I write and read in English every day. All I do when the context is unclear is just using a translator to help me understand better (personally I'm really liking DeepL a lot, right because of its “resistance” to the context variations) and trying to exclude all other meanings of certain words that can often lead to a wrong or distorted comprehension. Perhaps what you're suggesting would be an additional work for the team that's currently more concentrated on upgrading Zorin to version 17.

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This is also a case where ChatGPT can be a useful tool. You can run the statement in quotes and ask the A.I. to provide context for it.

While ChatGPT has faults and is not perfect... We advise users to not use it for Troubleshooting and getting terminal commands; It is a useful tool much of the time.


I understand that it is more work for the team. I am not asking to do it now. But it will be nice to exist in the future. I can help in writing the context of the words or sentences

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