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And what if the user doesn't need them, too? I suppose that then they can be uninstalled. Assuming that even these are safe to remove.

Sometimes it comes down to diminishing odds. Is it worth the risk to just save a few kB. I have a small root partition on an antique laptop. I like to keep it very tidy, but there are limits.
I am now cautious when using bleachbit and autoremove to read the marked for removal results to avoid unwanted extractions.

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@zabadabadoo you really concisely nailed this neatly.

Admittedly, I do not advise that any user just blindly accept packages as they are. Be critical.
I also do not advise scrubbing your machine to the last kilobyte. I mean, even if something is safe to remove today, you may very well end up reinstalling it as a dependency later for some software you want.

If a user is worried about 100megabytes or less - then they are probably getting carried away.
I know that carried away feeling because a couple of years ago, I got caught up in it.
And ended up having to reinstall Zorin OS. Several times. I got over being a clean freak.
I have a couple of terabytes at my disposal. Really... even a gig of total garbage is a bucket in the ocean.

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