Continuous inputs

Hello , I'm actually building an app on Unity3D .
The problem is when I try to move my character using "Left" & "Right" arrow , the character won't stop after pressing the button 1 time ( it was normal when I was building the same app on Windows ). It's like there is continuous input.
Anyone got a fix ?

What is the output of sudo showkey and pressing the arrow button?

It should have a release keycode.

If not, the only thing I could think of is looking for a BIOS update. Maybe the problem would have got fixed by the vendor... I didn't have any luck though on my machine with a similar problem.

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Acpi handles much of the combination key presses. Does your keyboard have a function option on the arrow key? Is it a stock keyboard? Have you checked that you have the correct drivers installed?


sudo apt ubuntu-drivers autoinstall

If it's a desktop keyboard you could throw it in the dishwasher (top rack). Yes,
this is safe to do. Maybe compressed air?

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I'm surprised to hear that suggestion. Surely if water damage was somehow mitigated by thorough drying, the dishwasher salt would still cause corrosion to the pcb.

It's a pretty common practice and is generally considered safe. But yes, the screws and any other metals may be subject to patina or corrosion.
My technique is more intensive: Disassemble the keyboard, first.

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I wouldn't do it nightly or even monthly, but if you have a spill or whatnot, occasional washing will not hurt it.

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