Continuous Updates

Why has Zorin 16.3 suddenly starting updating every time I boot up I have to wait 20 to 30 minutes before I can use my PC it seems to update every piece of software first then go on to update the system it's worse than Microsoft

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It doesn't look like this is an issue specific to Zorin OS. From what I've found, it's a problem with Ubuntu, the base for Zorin OS, and how they implemented something called phased updates.

After searching, it appears that some people experience this based on the software they've installed. One fix seems to be to turn off the notifications (not recommended, especially for security/critical updates); the 2nd option would seem to be to constantly allow an update, let it complete and reboot until the system catches up (as for the 1st link above); and, finally, the most technical, is to find out which packages are being phase updated and either exempt them, through apt configuration files, find an alternative or find a way to upgrade them, manually.


2 things I did and that you can try to avoid this:

:point_right: Open Software & Updates > Updates > change as you prefer

:point_right: Open your connection settings > click the gear icon on the connection that you're using > :ballot_box_with_check: Consumer connection: has a limit on data or may have additional charges (this may prevent software that needs your connection to update its content though)