Convert all images to one color command?

I know this is possible with imagemagic app command
I have a folder with 2100 .svg files I want to convert to RGBA: c0c0c0

any thoughts?

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A sed command should work, since .svg files are text based, not raster. You could use a tool for plotting .xml files, as well.
I'd have to look up the name of the tool...
In the meantime:

Ok, and tool: xsltproc


Making a script of

for x in $*
sed -e "s/#CURRENT COLOR/#WANTED COLOR/g" $x > temp$x
mv temp$x $x

Did the tricks.

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I can't recall how I should ran this script (embarrassed). :zipper_mouth_face:
Apparently I'm getting old.

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You forgot to write comments! :smiley:

Yeah, I forgot to write ... sigh ... comments :smiley:
I know how to execute script files, but there was more to it and I can't remember.


I recall it now

sh *.svg
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