Copying contents from one drive to another

I have an external SSD that has been working fine for a few years now, so I got a new one to use it as a redundancy. Normally with a few files (~<1TB) I would just open two file manager windows and drag-and-drop files from one to the other. But is there a better way?

I was thinking about using dd but I'm just not entirely sure how efficient this would be. Another thought was to somehow make an image of the current drive and apply it directly on the new one, but while they are the same size and brand, they are not the exact same model if that makes a difference. I'm also not sure how that'd work to be honest. I know about Clonezilla Rescuezilla but does it work even for this type of task?

Any ideas?

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sudo apt search syncthing

syncthing/focal-updates,focal-security 1.1.4~ds1-4ubuntu1.2 amd64
  decentralized file synchronization
syncthing-gtk/focal,focal all
  GTK3-based GUI and notification area icon for syncthing
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I don't use Clonezilla but use Rescuezilla instead ..... I believe it will copy a disk to any location you choose you just have to be very sure that all the disks on your machine are labeled ..... it will ask you which disk you want to copy from and which disk you want to copy to ....... it will show all the disks you have even the thumb drive Rescuezilla is copied on .....

I think you will have to have all disks plugged into your machine so Rescuezilla can read them to determinate where your material will go ......

It's very easy to use and I did a tutorial on the board about how to use it along with pictures ..... it also works off a thumb drive and not from an installation on your computer ..... I use it for all my back-ups for both Zorin and Win 10 ....

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That's a good one, I already use Syncthing but never thought of using it for different locations within the same device. Although I'd rather use something more reusable and on-demand, that doesn't require a previous setup, for this type of tasks. That way I would also be able to replicate it, for example if something goes wrong during the transfer, and I could use any drive on-demand and even script the whole task.

Yes, Rescuezilla it's actually what I meant, sorry about that. I've never actually use it but given how it makes whole byte-for-byte copies of the disk it seemed like a good choice. My only concern about this is that I need to store a whole disk's worth of data, which may not always be possible if, say, I have two drives only and my main PC doesn't have the space.

Sorry, guys, not trying to put too many barriers I appreciate the help, I'm just trying to find something that works well for my needs. In this case I only have a PC with two external SSD's and I would prefer a setup where I could bring another external drive and have it duplicated easily.

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@zenzen , where you ever able to reach a resolution for this thread?

Oops, sorry I completely forgot about this thread... For now, I'm still using the classic drag and drop method between two file manager windows, and that has worked fine. It didn't even take that long, I just left it running while I went to do other things.

Please close this one, once I have a more definitive answer I will try to remember and create a new thread under Tutorials & Guides.

Thank you!

I was just doing some Forum Cleaning earlier and sifting through the many unresolved threads. Many of them could have been marked as solved, but the O.P. never returned to mark the solution.
So I marked quite a few and for some that were unclear, such as this - I bluntly asked.

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It's quite satisfying to see a bunch of rows with solved threads indeed, so thanks for the good work!

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