Core and Cinnamon

Well, I installed Cinnamon on top of Core and works OK. The only problem I encounter - video have some hiccups, but this is due to my GPU is disable. In Core, video plays smooth. Linux Mint hate my laptop and desktop. Core+Cinnamon -good combination.

Did you install the Ubuntu restricted?

Go into the software store, install Synaptic. Close the store, and open Synaptic, install the Ubuntu Restricted, Restricted Extra, and Zorin Restricted.

Also make sure you have DRM selected in whatever browser you are using. What browser are you using and how did you install it? I don't use any browser through the store that is Flatpak or Snap, they're both horrible IMO. I also install browsers through a deb file or tar directly from them.

I use Cinnamon on Core and don't have any issues with video. You are missing something or there is something not selected.

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My laptop( Macbook Pro 2011) I have disable GPU so I do not have graphic acceleration in any OS. I use Synaptic to install all needed software. The store suscks.

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The video play good in Core

LOL, Yes... Use Synaptic

Excellent it's now working for you

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