Correct efi boot file for Zorin

My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 14-3452 w/ 4gb ram and 32Ggb emmc, (i.e. a Dell POS). Zorin 15 lite installed w/o problem and works w/o problem. I have 512 mb efi partition and 30 gb ext4 root partition. My problem/questions center on the correct boot file to use. I am not dual booting, (obviously). My efi partition contains boot and ubuntu folders. In the Dell Aptio bios I designated efi/boot/bootx64.efi as the boot file and called it zorin. It works, but did I do right or better yet does a guru out there have any suggestions?

Yes, you did. I warn you, though, I would never consider myself a guru.

In performing that step, you did exactly right and probably saved yourself a headache with the Ubiquity installer. Primary reason: the removable eMMC.
It is also important so that you can disable Secure Boot.

The bigger concern would be the presence of eMMc at all, which is pretty hit and miss in Linux. You have it installed and running problem-free, which gives credit to the ZorinGroups development and to your research and installation skills.

Thank you. To confirm, secure boot is disabled. As you indicated, except for booting, Zorin is flawless. Once in a while it will not boot, a simple shut down and repower solves the problem. I will let it be as is.

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