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I would argue it makes the self-centered nature of capitalism more apparent. The "need" for large and complex EULAs that seek to hide what most consider nefarious in thick legalese is evidence of that to me. I believe technology, among general users, taps more into the need to connect and be connected to others. Case and point: this conversation :laughing:

Both capitalism and socialism are just aspects of human nature. Like "money", they only exist as an extension of ourselves.
A feeling like you owe me something. And as you and I owe eachother nothing on this forum, my willingness to take my time helping you solve a problem in a troubleshooting thread ain't exactly altruism either. I do it for myself, just as much.

Capitalism unchecked gave us the Radium Girls. Job loss. Exploitation of overseas labor.
A little bit of Capitalism is a good thing. It feeds our need for advancement and ambition. A lot of Capitalism... not so much. It enables our self-centric nature and lack of concern for anyone outside of our Dunbar Number.
But the exact same can be said for Socialism (and in Socialism, I am including the highly social behavior of people).
Either can be abused and exploited and both will be for the Same Reason: Self-centered personal gain.


And boy has there been a ton of exploitation done to us humans from both major corporations, and our own governments. Its a vicious cycle that never ends, it only expands, and gets worse and worse.

Back when the movie Imposter came out, everybody saw it as science fiction and that would never happen. Oh really? What do you think is going on today with all this AI tracking and facial recognition and stuff? Why are companies like Apple pushing that stuff?

Wake up people, Imposter is already here, its just not obvious to you yet, but it will be soon.

I feel this way about Gnome. :expressionless:
It seems so Obvious...

I bet many people feel this way when they look at many things. For example, on-topic-of-the-tangent: How obvious it is that whether we support a more capitalist or more Socialist stance is often based on what we were told growing up, more than by Critical Thinking.
We are taught Capitalism by being told that we grow up Big and Strong and if We Work Really hard, we can achieve wonders.
Working really hard usually leads to more labor. Not always but... The general trend is that the richest work the least.
We are taught that More is Better. Jeff Bezos and ilk have more money than they know what to do with. You could swipe a few million and unless an accountant informed them, they would never know.
Like a squirrels nuts.
They have no idea. I bet Oprah Winfrey has 30 accountants.

In Socialism, we are taught that sharing is caring. So, when it comes to sharing your data, we are already conditioned to think that sharing is good.
Our innate laziness to conserve energy to survive now plays against us as an Evolutionary Trap.
Convenience is the highest social selling point; Along with the Selfish desire to get whatever you want.
Why care of a large corporation is mining and selling your data if it is still allowing you to Zap Zombies on your 4k screen?

Nowhere is this more apparent than in Climate Change - where the science is flatly denied. Even those that acknowledge it do not really want to do anything about it because it would require sacrificing the lifestyle and conveniences that we want.

It's us. It's not the companies, the politicians, the evil exploiters or Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates. They are just humans like us.
It's just US. Being willing to throw anyone or anything under the bus to get what we want, even if we do so while virtue signaling loudly every step of the way.

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That reminds me of that guy who double crossed Han Solo, when he was younger in the Solo movie. He came out of the elevator with a weapon pointed at Solo. But he told Solo before that people are not to be trusted.

Solo remembered this lesson, so when he did that, he told the guy that he didn't have the upper hand he thought he had, Solo predicted his betrayl, because he told Solo people can't be trusted, including him.

I bought a cheap KVM this past week. I used the cables that came with it, with the exception of the cable which went to my 4k monitor that came with the LG display. The switch can't send the right signal to the monitor. I ended up using it in another room where I can "sort of use it". In this setup, one machine, my Mac M1 mini, doesn't like the USB pass through but the hdmi signal to my old 1080P Viewsonic works just fine.