Crash and dead in the water after update

I am trying Zorin for the first time being a mint user for many years.
I like what I see so far until yesterday.
I got notification of an update and asking me to restart.....

After the restart of when I boot again the boot sequence stops/freezes.... And will go no further.

Can't get back in period.

I have an Intel 8700k CPU, 32 Gb ram and installed on a fresh ssd of 1 Tb. Everything was Running normally until this update.

If this OS is that sensitive to problems I'm sure that it probably isn't for me. Not very forgiving.

Are there options for booting in grub perhaps that I could try to resurrect this install. Or is it dump and move on time?

Thanks in advance

Do you actually see anything on the screen, or is is black?
A photo of your screen may be good for you to post here, if there is anything displayed.

Also, which version and flavour of ZorinOS do you have e.g. Z15.3 Core, Lite etc or maybe Z16 Core Beta?

EDIT: there are several threads on here regarding black screen after update or reboot, including:

I wonder if there was net connection drop during the update.
If you hold the Left Shift Key down during boot, this should bring up the Recovery Menu.
From the recovery menu, you can run fsck.

You also can try booting to an earlier (known working) kernel.

Sorry for the lack of details. I am running Zorin 15.3 Ultimate (from a friend who wants me to switch).
This is the screen:
[20210802 162628]

I think I'll try FSCK before going any further.

Oh I am running a triple boot Linux Mint, Win 10 and Zorin 15.3 Since it got as far as the screen shown it can't be Grub problem or EFI I figure.

Looks, sounds and smells like a disk issue.


I would think kernel, actually. I had the opposite: I have Linux Mint installed on a partition, Ubuntu 21.04 and Zorin.
I use the other two for testing. Mint upgraded and then I couldn't boot Mint, but could boot Zorin. Mint had the Grub (which bothered me anyway, so I reinstalled Grub on Zorin transferring it over to Zorin).
But I ended up moving the Mint kernel up a version to resolve it.

Sorry folks for being tardy in getting back to you.

I ran fsck and e2fsck from my mint instance with all the appropriate switches etc. to detect and fix anomolies.
Well it seems the entire block was "snookered" with pages and pages of errors with some corrected and some not.
Ran it several times and could never get back into Zorin.
So I have relented and blew away the drive and have re-installed Zorin with set up almost done.
This time though, I took an image backup with redo rescue as I do with all of my instances .... about once a week. Now I can always go back using restore.
Thanks for your helpful comments and suggestions.
I am impressed with Zorin so far but plan to put it through its paces before I decide to switch over.