Create shortcut to minimize all windows

I’m a big fan of keyboard shortcuts, and one that I used with Windows was Win-D (Win is the Windows key, which my old laptop has).

Is there a way to create the same shortcut in Zorin Lite to show the desktop (i.e. minimize all windows)? The keyboard settings window has a section for shortcuts, but I have to type the command that I want the shortcut to execute, which I don’t know.

Or is there a way to add a ‘button’ on the bottom right corner of the taskbar to accomplish minimizing all windows?

Any suggestions?

Yes, please see this thread:

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ctl + alt + d…see here:

For some reason, Ctrl+Alt+D does not work for me to show the desktop.

But based on the links provided, I used Window Manager settings to set “Show Desktop” to be Super+D. And then I went to Keyboard settings to change “xfce4-popup-zorinmenulite” to something other than “Super”.

And it works beautifully! No terminal coding required! Thank you!

And thanks for the useful shortcuts, @337harvey.

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