Critical Software Incompatability OS16

I just started running OS16 (dec 21st 2023)... Ive had it with Win 10 the advertising box OS..
I cannot seem to run Plasticity 3d (black Box)
I cannot start Bforartists at all. Nothing happens
And Davinchi resolve is not happy either but that could be the AMD driver.
Has anyone got these to run, does OS17 solve these issues or do I need to switch to Ubunuto for maximum compatibility? Thanks

It would be helpful to start a separate thread for each piece of software you are troubleshooting. Going back and forth in one thread on each can create confusion.
Having a solution for one may not lead to the solution of another. It helps other members find solutions that are clearly marked.

In each thread, can you include the method of installation of the software as well as whether you see an errors or other descriptions as to what is wrong that the software is faulty or not running.

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