CS:GO error

Hello everyone,
I was trying to see how CS:GO feels, I never played it. I downloaded the game directly from Steam, Proton is activated, everything is set to work, but I get a error saying that it "failed to connect to steam client process". I tried everything on the web, but the game don't run. Have someone stumbled on this problem too?

I first thought you were tanking about 碁(Go) board game.
Obviously I know nothing about gaming :sweat_smile:

I wonder if volunteers like @Michel @Storm and @StarTreker can help you.

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No, but I'd like to point out that you definitely shouldn't need Proton in order to run CS:GO as there's a Linux version of it. :wink:

As @elzoro said, no need of Proton for CS:GO. So switch Proton off in CS:GO and see if it will connect.

Yes but I don't play this specific game, I don't do online gaming or E-sports titles. I do single player campaign gaming only, cause I can't stand online gaming, because humans suck. But thats another topic for another time.

I saw the OP said that he/she already tried PROTON and it failed, but the OP mentioned that it was the Steam client that said it couldn't connect. Thats a different issue that sounds like on Steam side, or the OP's internet side.

Sometimes the Steam servers go down, it usually happens about 2 or 3-times per year, so its rare, but does happen. But usually when it goes down, its usually only the chat servers on Steam. I don't have much guidance here sorry.

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