Cursor changes depending on hovered window


I have installed a cursor and used the Tweaks app to change my cursor. However, I'm experiencing a weird behavior with the cursor. Depending on which window I hover, it changes from the new cursor I installed and the default Zorin cusor. For example, when I hover the terminal, it's using the new cursor. But when I hover another app like Spotify or my browser, it changes back to the default Zorin cursor. Does anyone know how to fix this such that it's always using the cursor I installed?

Welcome to the forum krecog. Aravisian has pointed this out multiple times to new members. The themes will be different across applications because flatpak and snap require a hack (customization) in order to use themes and cursor files that are not programmed into the OS. A few other applications, installed by apt, are also known to use their own themes with no regard to system themes. This is not a failure of the Zorin devs, but the developers of flatpak, snap and those applications that do not check for system themes. You can find tutorials in the Tutorials category of the site that may help and possibly in the Customization category. Without knowing which applications specifically it will be difficult to point you in a direction.

If you perform a search by the web, you may find what you are looking for if you append 'ubuntu 20' to the end of your query. This will help with most searches. You may have to be specific to find what you are looking for in terms of cursor's not working.

Well yes, but also no
first, when making Theme changes of any kind, I always recommend logging out, and back in, so everything reloads

though, Snap/Flatpak Applications might still not properly work sadly :frowning_face:
for Flatpak, this is a known issue, though quite a low-priority one

Also, as noted, some apps, no matter how they are installed, will provide their own cursor and not use the system cursor.

well I meant that more as in this being a flatpak issue, but I guess some apps will do that yeah

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