Customisable notification banners


I would like to see customisable notification banners (place of appearance, shape, animation, etc).

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I would like to see a history of notifications.

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As far as I know, only KDE (Plasma) offers notification history. You can add Plasma as an alternative DE at login using the cog after installing and rebooting.


What about customisable notification banners?

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That is a different issue and you would likely need to be a coder to do that. I've no desire to become one ... my loss I know. A few years back in a computer magazine it reported that if you could code in C++ you could expect to earn £650 per day in London.

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I wonder if the Zorin Team can take this on board and put in 17...

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Or just ditch Gnome completely for Plasma.

Not sure if that's going to help.

I only use Plasma these days and occasionally LXQt which I prefer over xfce. It would make sense to ditch Gnome and xfce for Zorin as both Plasma and LXQt are both built on Qt.

I wonder if @AZorin knows about this... (Sorry for getting you involved in this Artyom Zorin.)

Forgot, I think Plasma does this. Will check it out later after builders have left for the day. In the meantime:

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