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Help, somebody!

I'm new to Zorin. Windows was easy. This is hard. At every turn there's a reinvention of the wheel or a better mousetrap I have to learn and get used to. It's overwhelming.

First, how can I customize the mouse to behave like a Windows mouse? That is one L-click to highlight, double L-click to open/launch?

And while we're on that subject, is there a "theme" that alters Zorin to behave more like Windows? Its selling point was on being an easy transition from Windows. Did I mention this isn't easy? I want my money back.

No, not really. I'm committed to it. Zorin hasn't been all bad. I like how it runs on 10-20% less power than Windows. I also like how quickly it responds.

I am confused by this question, because that is the standard and default mouse behavior in Zorin OS.

I think that this question is a bit too generalized to pick out what it is you are trying to alter.

Zorin OS can help ease the transition, but any transition to a new operating system has a learning curve.
If you had switched to Mac OS for the first time, it may seem quite difficult.
If you had never used a cell phone before, switching from Windows to Android is nightmarish (Though most people these days have been easing through the transition to smart phones for years).

I remember when I switched from Windows to Zorin OS, I pretty much spent two or three weeks complaining non-stop about how difficult Linux is.:stuck_out_tongue:
Now, I feel like I could run up the side of a mountain and have no desire to use any Windows - I do not even use Wine.


Thanks, and if it helps, I'm using Zorin OS-16 Core. I'm thinking of buying the pro model, hoping that it's a little less alien.

"I am confused by this question, because that is the standard and default mouse behavior in Zorin OS."

Then I either altered a setting in the menus that changed the mouse behavior as a side effect, (I have looked for it) or there's a driver issue, though it's a standard Logitech wireless mouse-keyboard combo.

This is the way it's been behaving with icons: one L-click opens or launches it. Hovering over the icon does nothing whatsoever. One R-click opens a menu, as expected. A middle click does nothing as expected.

"'And while we're on that subject, is there a "theme" that alters Zorin to behave more like Windows?'"

I mean maybe 1) recycle/trash bin on the desktop, that I can find, empty or restore from; 2) A menu from the superbutton that gives just a straight list of apps available; 3) A straightforward way to install/uninstall programs; 4) I'd like it to be a little more verbose, so I know for sure if an operation is in progress, or finished. Not as talky as Windows.

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Wine, what is that? Maybe that has what I'm looking for.

Can you open Files from the app menu and click the hamburger icon on the Upper Right side.
Select Preferences from the menu.
In the pop up window, click the behavior tab.
Open Action should be set to Double Click.

Zorin OS Pro comes with more bundled software and a couple extra layouts, but is not "more Windowsy" than Core. The reason to choose Pro is to Support the Developers. But Zorin OS Core or Zorin OS Lite come with everything that you need. Zorin OS Pro does not "unlock" features, functionality or content.

You can choose which icons to display on the desktop, including Recycle or Trash from the Desktop Settings screen. On mine, right clicking the desktop area, then selecting Desktop from the menu gets me there. I do not use Zorin OS Core (I prefer Zorin OS Lite as it is easier to customize, employ and find settings and the layout is far more familiar), so I am not sure if clicking the desktop will get you there.

Activities Overview.
I am sure a Gnome user on the forum like @Storm can get you sorted out easily on this one.

The most easy, fast and efficient straight-forward way to install and remove programs and software is the Terminal. I understand that new users or Windows users shy away from the terminal.
As mentioned above, Linux comes with a learning curve. It is a different operating system. That being said, the terminal is very easy to learn and use.
There is the software store - which I pretty much never use and only keep installed on Zorin as a reference to help users.
There is Synaptic Package Manager which is as versatile, feature rich and powerful as the Terminal, but is a GUI.

If you run into "Dependency missing" or other installation issues - Please Use this Forum - Ask. One downside of Linux is the amount of outdated information on the web that can really trip new users up.
Ask here and we can teach with up to date information that will have you running installations like riding a bike.

Again, that would be terminal. It tells you everything you need to know.
Synaptic Package manager shows a Progress Bar and only displays verbose text if you tell it to do so.

Just sit back and relax.
We'll take care of everything for you.
...Is this your PIN? Great. I'll take care of that, too."

Wine = Wine Is not an Emulator.
Wine is a compatibility layer to run some Windows applications on Linux. Your mileage may vary.
You can install wine on Zorin OS with one quick terminal command:

sudo apt install zorin-windows-app-support


"Can you open Files from the app . . ."

Got it!

Issue solved. Thank you!

WOW, Aravisian pretty much covered it all! I haven't seen the other moderator's on the forum lately other then Harvey. Do not forget, I also use Gnome.

When you click on the SUPER key AKA Windows Key, that will pop up your activities overview. You can see what apps are running, and switch between them. But you can also type the app you are looking for and find it on your PC and then launch it too. Its a powerful feature.

And yes, you are correct, as a first time Linux user, its a steep learning curve. But the whole point of Zorin OS, is to lesson that learning curve, by making the system look at much like Windows as possible.

Trust me when I say, there are other Linux distro's that have a far steeper learning curve. So you picked a great OS to learn Linux from, and to get away from Windows. Your brand new to this, its going to take time. When I first got on Linux, I went through a little bit of what you are.

Aravisian has a way of helping new users ease their way into learning Linux on Zorin OS. So just have faith in yourself, you can do this. And speaking of doing, don't forget, is doesn't all have to be done in a day. Take baby steps, one thing at a time.

Eventually, your gonna be a wiz with Linux, I just know it! :blush:


On this one, please see Sulthan's post here:

Taskbar Settings, you can see the Activities Button - that is the one that does what you requested here.


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