Dark mode in taskbar too

Developer team, please include dark mode in taskbar too....

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I agree. With a light theme, I prefer a dark taskbar. In my case, a dark grey semi transparent taskbar.

However, assuming you do not have Zorin Lite (i.e. xfce DE), you can install and use gnome tweaks to achieve that customisation for Zorin flavours that have gnome DE.

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I may be a bit daft here. But the taskbar is dark in Z16 when choosing dark background.

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Yes, taskbar is dark by default when you choose dark theme and light when you choose light theme.
There is no option in Z15 or Z16 to select light theme + dark taskbar, or dark theme + light taskbar.

Just re-reading the OP. @Storm you have actually answered the OP in that you get a dark taskbar with the dark theme. My post is more of a wish for more options.

It would be a nice feature to mix the dark and light. :slight_smile:

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I agree with that.

I would love this feature as well!

Maybe the CSS of the theme can be used to achieve this?

I have found in Z16 Lite (xfce) that some taskbar indicator icons are always black if a light theme is selected. So having a black or dark taskbar with a light theme, you loose those indicators. It's a shame.

EDIT: Could also be explaination of this:

Yep. That is how I always do it. Got dark status indicators on dark background regardless.