Data Backups

Just a random thought but does anyone here back their data up?

Of course, I might be underestimating the Linux community.


Probably not.

But not as often as I should and not as often as I preach.


Often times I back my data up to a hard drive. And I do that with a password.

Yes , all the time instantly. Since I have my files going to 2 different clouds plus I also have a physical HD that I use to update about once or month or so.

I don't store anything on the computer per se and haven't for many many years. Even though I set up my system with a ./home folder, I realistically could reinstall the OS or any distro at any time and not lose one thing. I could be back up in less than an hour like it never even happened.

The only thing I let go to the folders on the system itself are the ones that I put into the home folder for themes and icons, programs, etc (which I have a backup of) and stuff I don't really need but maybe want for a short period of time then delete.


I have learned the hard way to keep regular disk images stored. Personal files get backed up to an external USB drive.

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Backups are vital safeguard for disaster recovery, regardless of the operating system.
Although the OS and Apps can be downloaded and recreated, your personal data files i.e. contents of /home directory should be backed up to a removeable drive and/or the cloud for safe keeping. To mitigate against fire or natual disasters, some keep a backup drive offsite or in a fire safe.


Exactly my thoughts...

This is so important. Once, I lost a bunch of pictures because both my phone and external hard drive failed at the same time. Make sure to have several copies at all times!


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