Data recovery win. 10 ZorinOS

Hello, I have been a happy Zorin user for several months now.
Before installing Zorin, I had placed all my photos on a Samsung SSD T7 (I thought anyway). Only now I find that there is absolutely nothing on my external SSD. Incomprehensible that the photos are not on it :-(. Is there any way I can get my photos that are on win. 10 to recover before my wife kills me?

You might try using a Data Recovery tool like DiskDigger (which can be run on either Windows or Linux). Set the search parameters to search for your common image file extensions like .jpg...

You can try using this tool on each of the drives that should have contained the files.
Bear in mind that the space that contained that data may have been overwritten in the meantime.
Or partially overwritten.

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I don't know what accident you taken. Partition Wizard help me many times when Linux also don't recognize hard disk. What i understable before you installed Zorin you copy photos to external harddisk?

Thank you, it's fixed... My mistake...

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