Dead mouse pointer on screen

a dead mouse pointer is stuck on the screen but I can use the mouse normally but there is a mouse pointer image on the screen

Try turning off the Sticky Edges in the Display settings.

I have seen this error a couple of times also. Where is the "Sticky Edges" setting?

It does appear to be related to the xrandr scaling experimental feature, after all. Revert that to default and the issue disappears. Guessing that probably makes it a mutter bug, and being of an experimental feature at that is hopefully of interest to someone but not urgent. In view of that didn't test switching pointing device.

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yes i t happens when i am turning fractional scaling on and setting it to 125% but without that in my laptop everything will be verysmall which I am not used to.Is that an experimental feature? it is in display settings

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Fractional Scaling on Linux is a work in progress...

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