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I have installed Brave as my browser and set it to be the default browser in it's settings. When I open a link in an email Firefox opens the link. Looking in the Firefox settings it is also set to be the dfefault browser and I cannot find a way to change that. Is there a way to change this in the Zorin settings? Do I need to uninstall Firefox? Would it find Brave automatically if I do?

Can you please open Settings from the Zorin App menu (Start button) and scroll the left pane down to Default Applications.
Check what browser is set for Web.

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Got it thanks. So if I prefer to use Thunderbird or something else instead of Evolution I could make it the default app and then it would populate the calendar that is shown when you click the date and time in the bottom right hand corner? I am struggling with Evolution contacts scrolling horizontally.

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I am not sure - this is a separate issue.

I do not use those functions on a Gnome Desktop. Prefer Zorin OS lite or I use an entirely different Calendar setup.

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Ok Thanks again . You solved my issue on default applications.

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Thunderbird got a new release btw.


Thanks. I will have a look at that. Also looking at Kmail, which I had not heard of before.

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The only problem i have with thunderbird is that it does not read my extra folders i created in gmail. I sorted alot of mails in different folders but when i use thunderbird it says i have over 600 mails in my inbox :pensive:


Thx. Will check that as I have some sub folders in Gmail as well.

Tested it on my external (test) drive. Tried pop and imap settings, seems pop does not list the labels at all, that is why the older versions didn't list them either.

Mozilla Thunderbird 91.2.0: When you use the pop settings

Mozilla Thunderbird 91.2.0: When you use the imap settings

To add a shortcut to the panel install the app called alcarte
In terminal write: sudo apt-get install alacarte

Run the program and add a new item, select the thunderbird file and select the best fitting icon and save it (The icons can be found in the thunderbird folder called chrome) now it is added in the gnome menu, from there select it to add it to favorites.


Create a own .desktop file and place it in .local/share/applications/

[Desktop Entry]

Now that i have tested it on my external drive, now i will install it on my laptops ssd. So i can't make a mess on my system if things go wrong haha.

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Thanks for that. I am trying Blue Mail at the moment. I have entered my Gmail into online accounts and am using a combination of Evolution to populate Calendar and Contacts and Bluemail for my email. It looks Ok at the moment. I just prefer the appearance of Bluemail and it works on. my Android phone as well. Will find out if this is my preferred solution once I have used it for a while.

Thanks for your share. I will look at bluemail as well.

Edit: Bluemail will be my default app, this has exactly what i want. The entire mail on the right and readable without using the scroll up and down button like thunderbird has.

The only thing i don't like is that it is sitting there right in top, after closing the mail app it's still sitting there running in the background. So i rethink about it and stick with mozilla thunderbird instead.

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