Default Calendar app

In Settings/Default Applications, there are no other options than Evolution for Calendar.
I just want to use the basic Gnome Calendar instead.
All the workarounds I found on forums seems very complex.
Will this bug be fixed in 16.2 ? or 17 ?
Thank You :grinning:

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Zorin technically has nothing to do with that, it is not a bug to be fixed.

That is how Gnome wants it and the Gnome dev's have made it to be.

Your DE controls what you are and are not able to select as default applications, I would suggest going over to a Gnome forum and seeing if there is a work around there.

You could always install the Budgie calendar?

I used the Software tool, searched for Calendar and chose the second in the list - the one at the top is checkmarked installed = Evolution Calendar.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my newbie’s question. Not intuitive that Gnome does not allow… Gnome Calendar to be à défaut App….

Having clicked on the calendar in the panel it automatically launches the Evolution calendar because Zorin are attempting to capture the Enterprise market too, it's not a Gnome change. Having said that, Zorin needs to be bundling Firefox ESR and not the standard one as ESR version can be locked down by IT to keep the network safe. That's what comes with Devuan 4.0 my daily OS of choice.

You can install Calendar

sudo apt install gnome-calendar

Then set it as default

gio mime text/calendar org.gnome.Calendar.desktop

So simple ! Can't Thank You enough

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