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Heh, probably they're the thing that you can delete safely without thinking much about it :smile:, to me they're not critical for a software to run properly, I never heard about situations in which deleting them caused issues. For safety I don't ever clean what a software suggests or suppose to be safe to remove, no matter what, I always open those categories and read what will be deleted. If I don't know it I just let it there for now or at least do a fast search online. I always did so from Windows since I deleted a file that was supposed to be a duplicate, but it wasn't, it was a game file and deleting it I damaged the game :expressionless:. If possible, please show us what the categories list below each one, there could be anything inside them, even serious stuff that you'd ever touch.

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I cant show whats under each tab because there are many gigabytes of stuff, and pages and pages length of stuff. We dont have the room here to show all that.

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Well, yes, I expected this reply, but also hoped that the list could be copied and pasted, then you could add a summary (hides the selected text, that can be displayed on click). Like this for example :point_down:.


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Here on Zorin Forum sometimes happens to see really long outputs :scroll::face_with_monocle:. Anyway, if they would be really too many items to be listed I'd say that you'd better not remove stuff with keywords like GNOME, desktop and that kind of stuff. It's certainly hard to tell how to proceed now knowing the large amount of stuff that could be there and that we can't see it :person_shrugging:. I had no problem after clearing caches and trash, with the only difference that I used BleachBit. By my experience, since cache regenerates when needed there shouldn't be any issue on clearing it, crash reports aren't necessary for software to run properly, application logs might be like a cache or contain useful data for bug reports or troubleshooting (I'd keep them for now) and trash can be safely cleared since it's mostly stuff that the user doesn't need anymore. But I'd check if what on Trash Bin is really unnecessary anymore, I always view all stuff there before deleting anything singularly (it has been helpful many times to me :grin:).

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I would not remove anything unless you KNOW for certain it is not needed. If you have to ask, then you don’t know and there may be a problem later on.

Sort of analogous to trying to reduce the weight on your car to improve performance - you go into the engine bay to remove things not knowing what something is and what it does. Later, the engine fails and you wonder why. If you want a lean system like so many want, use Arch to install a lean system from the start that won’t fail. Best of luck removing things. :v:t3:


I've used Stacer for a few years. From my experience, it has not to date ever caused any issues for me. Can't say that for a few others I've tried.

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@Luca_Pavan , thanks! I never knew about the summary feature! cool :slight_smile:

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Thanks! @JeffK969