Dell XPS Plus

I am looking to buy a new laptop and am considering the Dell XPS Plus: this model.

It has the the Intel Iris XE graphics and I am concerned that this laptop is Zorin compatible. Does anyone have eny experiece of this?

Also I want to go for the 3.5K Touch screen. Does Zorin support that touch screen?

I probably cannot test the laptop pre-purchase as I will be buying online from Dell so it would help to know the answer to these questions before I commit the readies!

I've seen other people on this forum able to run it with Iris Xe.

I don't see how it shouldn't be supported with Zorin.

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Yes it is. The Dell XPS Plus comes certified and can be bought from Dell with Ubuntu pre-installed.

With any O.S. or new buy, you can still run into trouble. If you have any issues, that is why this forum is here. Please come here and ask. I have seen some issues with the Iris XE graphics pop up time to time (Less frequently than Nvidia or AMD issues) and our track record on solving them is quite good.

3.5k - this question is trickier to answer. Currently, over-all support for 4k in Linux is in its youth.
While most things work fine, there may be some little issues that can annoy a person, such as the initial grub menu looking tiny on the screen. Most often, these can be solved by changing the Grub Resolution.

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I cannot say about the touch screen or 4K support, but Iris XE has been working absolutely fine for me on a number of distributions, including ZorinOS.

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Touch screen? I missed seeing that.

Well, I had a touch screen working on Zorin OS 12...

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Thank you for all those who contributed. I have now bought a Dell XPS Plus but am havig problems with it when using Zorin. There is no WiFi connectivity and Sound is not working. I will create a new post with the specific problems.

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