Desktop freezes when I have too many tabs open

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Thank you :smile:

Gday @Grace ,9.40 am here ( yes im up late :open_mouth: )

All looks good. can you know run
this again; as i just received updates.

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Paste as is, it will update & then upgrade.


sudo apt clean

sudo apt autoremove --purge


Then could you load up some of the app/browser TAB's/etc. then run the below command please.

ps -e | wc -l

This will show how many processes your running.
Just lets us know how many please.

If you wish to see/monitor thing's. Use the already installed " System Monitor"

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Good morning Ocka,

Thanks for your help again.

I followed that list and I have 285 processes running from that last command.

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285 processes isnt much ( did you open up a few item's ? << meaning your not running 400+
285 is good.
browser with multi tab's opened

I just opened more than I would normally dare - 25 tabs, libreoffice, zoom, slack, skedpal, authy.

I have 274 running now and my mouse isn't lagging like it was before! I don't know what was fixed by updating, cleaning and purging but something seems to be!

I should have started my last question as a new thread because then I could mark your help as solved. I think this last one was the real solve because I just realised that I forgot to turn hardware acceleration back off after my last video meeting. So I have those 25 tabs open with hardware acceleration still going.

yes i also had the updates & i had a jittery mouse prior, now it works fine.
Yes sometimes updates can create a step backwards, until they find the issue, & throw another update to repair things.

Oh, so it might have been the auto updates that fixed the issue not your purge step? I don't know which help to mark as the solution then! :person_shrugging:

But thank you very much for walking me through all of it. I love learning a little more about the terminal each time.

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If the subject was greatly different to the OP then yes, but this is still an ongoing question.
All good 2 for 1 fee's are cheaper :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope it works well for you until you upgrade to a 3.5" floppy disk :rofl: :slight_smile:

Hey, I have a rewritable CD drive now! Just think how much I can store!

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