Desktop freezing Bug on Zorin

Sometimes i get this bug usually when i open an app that i cannot access anything other than then task bar. I can open the start menu, open other programs from it, minimize maximize, close programs, but i cannot interact with the opened windows or the desktop icons, i cannot type, cannot use the canvas icons. I can only resolve the problem by logging out. Happened multiple times.

Hello and welcome to the forum. In order to assist you would you mind telling us which zorin you installed, core or lite. That will tell us which desktop environment you're using and allow us to assist you in troubleshooting.

I think its Core and im using the default one so gnome.

Can you access a terminal? Ctrl + alt + t and interact with it?

I cannot interact with anything other than the taskbar, but ill log out and log back in. Then i can access it.

After you log back in, open terminal and type:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure gnome-shell

Would you mind also posting your system specs? Additionally, does your problem match any of these: Search results for 'desktop freeze' - Zorin Forum ?


Yes it is. Guess its a duplicate.

I looked more into the posts and observed that some issues were similar others werent much. Although i havent read all of them.

Thanks, what I meant was specifically which of those threads? The reason I asked is that if you post your system specs and identify which of those threads may be similar to your issue, we may be able to proceed from there. The more information we have, the easier it is for all of us.
This is just an aside to 337harvey's troubleshooting.

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You can reboot and see if that fixes it... if not we will add something to the grub file.

After reboot open terminal first, then a few others, try to get it to freeze

These are the ones with the most similarity. There were others but with different characteristics like only one window opening freezes. In my case its random but its always by opening a window.

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Yes, rebooting, even logging out helps, but i highly doubt it has anything to do with grub. Its a desktop enviornment thing imo.

Forgot the specs:
Ryzen 3200g
Asus prime a320m-
8gb ram (2666)
nvme ssd
no additional drivers installed

That's what I'm thinking, but since you have amd architecture it may not rule it out

Nvidia card too, or Radeon only?

Can grub interfere with desktop enviornments? Built in graphics so radeon vega 8.

It interacts with the kernel which the desktop runs on top of

OK, no nvidia... that's one less thing to worry about.
Open terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall gnome-shell