Desktop freezing Bug on Zorin

Last reboot... then you will have to test that this worked. If it happens again there is one more thing we can do... but I'm hoping this fixed it.


Like i said before.. try to break it. Do what you normally do... log out and in and repeat opening apps.

Done but i personally dont think itll do much hence the problem was present from the very beginning. Ill reboot but it only happens a few times and not all session. If it happens again ill write.

I'll post this possible fix, but only use it if it repeats.

If it happens again you can try the following:

Open terminal


sudo gedit /etc/default/grub

In the window that pops up you are looking for the line beginning:


And add the following to the end inside the quotes:


Save and close. Then in the terminal Type:

sudo update-grub


Thanks for providing the specs and reviewing those threads. There is a chance that disabling IOMMU may remedy the issue. Although, that is a suggestion made for Ubuntu 20.04, so a newer kernel. But can't hurt to try. And of course, this is just a suggestion on the side after you've tried 337harvey's suggestions.

Ill try them if it happens again. Thank you for the help.

It happened again when opening firefox, there was an issue i read somewhere with the same properties (opening firefox, terminal etc.), so the whole desktop froze, there was a loading mouse pointer, then it changed to regular mouse pointer then the usual bug. There are some kind of pattern that usually a lot of applications are open when it freezes. I did harveys suggestion. There was already "quiet splash" in the quotes so i replaced those. So now there are no gui for grub password enter, i guess this was the favored outcome. I noticed when logging out to bypass the bug there was some kind of IOMMU pref count error displayed. The same type that carmar suggested so im going to look into that and try it next.

E: I also added the IOMMU to the qotes.

My suggestion was to leave quiet splash and append to the end:

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash amdgpu.noretry=0"

This was supposed to fix it if the problem was the gpu issue.

To make sure you're drivers are up to date, though it may not be the issue, you can try:

sudo apt install ubuntu-drivers

I'll do some more searching and see if there is anything else that may be the cause.

Out of curiosity is there a specific program you are running each time the freeze occurs? Are they direct installs (apt or deb) or snap/flatpak packages (installed through the software store)?

Since the gpu didn't seem to be the issue i would remove that portion from the grub entry. Like carmar said, that iommu solution was for Ubuntu 20, it may be handled differently in 18.04.

Edit 2:

OK, a little more reading and have a few things to try if the driver update doesn't help.

In grub, after quiet splash and removing all other entries, add:


Inside the quotes. Give it a run for a while and see if that solves it.

Do you use Chrome browser by any chance? If so, go into settings and disable Chrome gpu hardware acceleration. That fixed it for someone here:

Finally, check and see if there is a Bios update for your machine. There is more we can try, but seems like the bios and that architecture are the issue.

Can you post the output of inxi -t cm ?
Run the command when you have your typical applications open (example: Firefox) - only the most frequently used ones, not all of them. Trying to get data on what is likely just before a freeze.