Desktop freezing on Lite version

First off, I apologize if this topic has been asked before, I’m also not really experienced with linux or hardware in general aswell.

I’ve installed zorin os about a day ago, but when using some fullscreen apps like lightshot or even using a web browser on fullscreen, the pc does not render anything, this has 2 outcomes:

Outcome 1: On web browsers when it goes into sleep mode, if I wake it up, I can unlock the pc as normal, however, once I do unlock the screen, it renders nothing, just black. (No, putting it back into sleep mode does not fix the issue)

Outcome 2: When using flameshot and other screenshot software, when I click on any button that would close the app, it freezes rendering period, If i put the computer in sleep mode and then wake it up, it dosen’t even render anything still, just black.

Again, this has probably been asked before but I haven’t found the post yet, and this might be because I’m using a very ■■■■■■ computer, however using a computer even worse on the same zorin version did not do this.

Are you using integrated graphics or a graphics card?
Which of either or each? Nvidia, Intel…