Desktop icons getting displaced after every restart

The above is my current looking desktop. The above is what I see after a restart.

If I leave as it is,the other icons too gets to right side like the other two icons in the right. Also If I rename a icon in the desktop It goes to right side and If I from the thunar file manager, when I right click a file and select "Send to" and "Desktop(Create Link)" the link shortcut goes to the right

I don't why the icons like right side and I want to keep it in the left

Any ideas where should I look?
Thank you

This bug can occur if the panel is resized, followed by log out and log in.
You can read more here:

If this bug occurs if the panel is resized, followed by log out and log in I am ready to set the panel to the default value. My panel's current size is 42, Which Value exactly should I set? or is there a command a to reset the panel completely?
Thank you

I believe the above is a great way to replicate the issue.
However, it is also not a guarantee of its occurrence by other means.

I also do not know how to fix this, other than to suggest trying the workarounds linked in the thread above.


I read the workarounds in that xfce forum but its too complicated for a linux noob like me as it is dealing with some scripts. I would have to wait till devs of xfce fix this bug.
Thank you.

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