Desktop wallpaper going black once pc switched off

when i switch on pc in am the desktop wallpaper is gone and background is black.I have read that i should put the desktop wallpapers for zorin os in the pictures folder but i dont know how to locate where they are stored.Any ideas folks.I guess i can download wallpapers from the net but i quite like the ones from zorin os.

Do you have any other graphical issues aside from missing wallpaper?
Fromt he Zorin App Menu, select Settings
Then Backgrounds - All available background images should show up and allow you to choose one. These are stored in /usr/share/backgrounds

You can also select the button on the top headerbar for Add a Picture and this will allow you to set a custom directory, including your home Pictures folder.

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ive only been using the os for two days.ive notice also my whatsapp theme reset too but i havent examined the whole system yet for other issues.

the wallpapers are where they should be still in the folder they arent missing its just when i log onto pc the background is black and the desktop wallpaper has gone.

If you are having a variety of different issues... It sounds like a corrupted install to me...
You might just reinstall first. See if that clears a lot of things up.
When you log in, ensure youa re not logging in on Wayland - just log in on the default as presented after installation.

Themes should not reset themselves and Wallpapers should not fail to display.

so how do i get to the desktop wallpaper images through file manager? then i can move them to the pictures folder to see if that works.

It should make no difference... The application defaults to their present location.
However, the way to the directory is /usr/share/backgrounds

In order to move them, you must elevate to root:

sudo -i


Then navigate to "Other locations" > Computer > usr > share > backgrounds
Once selected, move to /home/$USER/Pictures
Once pasted in, you will need to correct their ownership and permissions to your Home Folder. Right click on the directory while still in Root File Manager. Select the Ownership under your username and ensure "Apply to enclosed files"

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