Desperate need to switch to zorin

I installed manjaro kde some days ago, switching from zorin. But I want to come back, absolutely. The fastest I do it, the better.
The thing is: I don't have an USB drive with me, and I won't have it for the next week. What should I do?

There is still a possibility of using a DVD-burner and install Zorin via DVD-disk.
On Manjaro there will be KDE-burn (or something like that), and make the disk burned at THE LOWEST SPEED.
It is not really a pleasant ride but in your situation maybe a solution.

Is there not a shop close to your whereabouts, or a dear friend, for obtaining an extra 16 Gb USB-stick ? Or borrow it .... maybe ?

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Lemme try that.

If you have a cell phone with an SD card installed, you can create a partition on that SD card (about 5 GB should do it, Zorin OS 16.2r-1 is 3.1 GB), 'burn' the Zorin OS .ISO file to that partition on the phone, plug the phone into the computer as an external drive, then boot the computer from the Zorin OS USB which resides on the phone.

Select "Try Zorin", get everything set up as you want (drivers downloaded and installed, network connection set up, etc.), then select "Install Zorin". The installer should pick up the changes you made during "Try Zorin" and install the proper drivers. After you've booted the installed Zorin OS the first time, all should be working, including video and network.

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I'll try using unetbootin to create a part on the hard drive.

Done! I'm writing this from Core! LESSGOO!
(Let's see if I like gnome.)

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Are you booting from your phone's SD card? If you got it working, leave that partition on there, and use it as your 'emergency boot' whenever you have problems with the installed Zorin OS.

It also comes in handy if you want to boot Zorin OS on any other computer that allows changing the boot order... and it lets you show others what Zorin OS would look and run like on their own computer, without messing with their installed OS.

If you get slick enough, you can create a squashfs .ISO file of your own installation, so you don't have to configure the BootUSB each time to your liking (mouse settings, screen timeout, desktop background, etc.), it's exactly like your installed OS. That's what I'm attempting to do.


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