Device 'Kensington VeriMark' Fingerprint not working

Hi folks,

was someone able to correctly add the above mentioned device?
It's shown at the USB devices but it's not identified as a fingerprint device:

Bus 001 Device 036: ID 047d:00f2 Kensington

I'm currently on kernel version 6.3.13-060313-generic.

Kensington is on the list of devices currently not supported:

Here is the list of Supported devices:

If a manufacturer refuses to supply the drivers to GnuLinux, there really is not a lot that Linux teams can do.

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Even Windows users have issues with the device:

It appears that for this hardware to work requires to Windows .exe files to run in order to use the device.

Even dedicated Linux fingerprint readers will only work with Ubuntu 22.04 as the starting point:

For me it worked without any problems at Windows :slight_smile:

That's because it needs Windows software. As I stated in another thread, most hardware is designed for that other OS. Check out my post above yours in this thread.

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