Devices / storage (/dev vs /mnt)

My PC came a few weeks ago so is very new! It replaced my 2009 Win7 Desktop. The new one is whizzy and boots into Zorin. :slight_smile:

TPM is an interesting thing and like Project X-Ray, named other than what it is for.
TPM is a backdoor into the system, to allow Microsoft Administrators access to your personal machine. I kid you not.
Windows 11 demands that this be turned on and present on the machine.
This is a big part of why so many users are very upset over the direction Windows 11 takes.


Yep, it's a big part of me moving from Windows. I was fine with Win7 but hated Win10 when I had to use it - actual irritation at using the OS - but I knew if I stuck with Windows I'd have to leave Win7 at some point because games and software would have hard checks and refuse to install or run on Win7. I couldn't face that kind of future so spent a year planning to leave Windows behind. It took a while because I had 20 years of history with it, plus I use my PC all day every day for work.


Windows 10, went way to far in the telemetry sniffing that they were doing, data mining users for money. Microsoft also does the same BS thing that Apple does, and they both say, that the reason they do what they do, is to stop criminals.

Yeah, you can make up whatever story you want their guys but umm, none of us are buying it! And now with Windows 11, its not gotten worse. They have the ability to take control of your machine now, remotely. Scary isn't it?

Just as scary as Apple having access to all your files and pictures. Again, they claim they need to do it to stop criminals. Yeah, I don't think so. You know what the answer is? A term called boycotting. Thats right, everybody needs to boycott Microsoft and Apple. Give them the good oh what for.

If you truly care about your privacy and your data security, the you have to go with Linux, its really the only way.


It also annoys me that Windows/MS are causing changes to hardware (e.g. motherboards, keyboards) which might not even be used for Windows, and cause problems for the other OS. It makes it harder to strip out their festering roots.

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Well, I have moved to 95% away from Microsoft (I have Win10 dual boot just to do 3D renders and a few games); never owned anything by Apple. Also I am moving away from Google (Android), Amazon, and the main social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Another year or so and they'll all be completely gone from my life, accounts closed.

What type of 3D render are you doing? I ask this, because there is a program called Blender which is totally open source, and it can do 3D modeling/rendering for you, so you don't have to stick with Windows for doing that.

Kdenlive is a video editor that can work with resolutions up to 4K, which they will probably soon upgrade to 8K abilities by next year no doubt.

Gimp is a photo editor that is nearly as full featured as Adobe Photoshop.


It's a bit like the Pinkertons roughing up Shop owners, then telling them to Pay Up for security to protect them.


Ha, Adobe is another company I avoid! I have always used Gimp for my graphics and book cover design.

The 3D software is Daz Studio - it is closely tied to its store and features, so all the assets I bought would be a nightmare to try and use is Blender, plus I'd have to learn lots all over again (I have been using Daz Studio for over a year, now creating some of my book covers and promotional SF and horror artwork in it, and it's just starting to make sense! My ideal would be if they ever release a Linux version along with the PC and Mac ones.)

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I have the same with my drives. But i configured it so it will automount.

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