Did everyone have a nice rest?+ XFCE Questions

Well that was an experience ... I had just checked into the site and was told that it would be shutting down for 3 days ... WHAT ... and me with all my tinkering ... well I did manage to survive as you can see and kept my big fat fingers out of most everything ... did a whole lot of reading about Xfce4 from their website and hope I learned somethings ... did load a bunch of games from the software site and Wallpapers from the web and mostly behaved myself ...

So now is everyone ready to go to work ???? .... I had lots of questions and tried to find answers about Xfce on the web but even their website left a lot to be desired ... like some of the following :

  1. Is there a way to add apps to the preferred drop down panel

  2. How to add new apps to the desktop

  3. How to add new apps to the taskbar

  4. How to keep Frog from asking so many questions

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To answer your question in regards to how I handled the 3-days Hiatus. I think the only reason I survived was because I had Aravisian and FrenchPress to talk to elsewhere. Sometimes you don't realize how much you depend on something until its gone.

Thats a big life lesson for many things actually, not just online community and support, but also in things like friends and family. But I do really enjoy the community, I truly think that we are a great bunch of folks here, and you all make the difference in the world.

So, now the forum has returned, I am no longer going out of my mind, HEHE :grin:

Until I take a deep dive into XFCE, Aravisian will have to answer your XFCE questions until I am able to gain some real experience.



There is no way to add apps to the Preferred Applications popup. However, to set any file of a certain Mimetype to a Preferred Application, Right Click the file:
then select "Open With other application." Then select your preferred application and check mark the box for "Use as default for this kind of file".
Right click the file and select "Open With" - Select your preferred application, then click the button "Set as default..."

Drag and Drop.
Or, Right click the open area of the desktop and from the Menu, select "Custom Launcher."

Right click the panel, select Panel Preferences. In the Pop Up window, move to the Items tab. Click "add" and peruse the list and add the applications you want.
If you want to add something that is not in the list, Open the Whiskermenu or App menu, right click the application and from the menu, select "Add to Panel."
If still not in the list or the app menu, you can create a custom launcher as above, then add that launcher to the panel.

Self-defeating exercise. I recommend against it.
If you decide to proceed anyway, I suggest you perform a full neural and cerebral back-up, first.


I was afraid of that as I looked on the website and they didn't give anyway to add different Preferred Apps ... what I did to keep the wrong one from opening like Graphics ... Multimedia etc is to just delete the programs I didn't want to open ... I had a real problem with the Image Viewer choices as it kept opening to a different one ...

Gnome on the other hand has a great Preferred Panel ... with quite a few choices ... (sigh)

I'll practice on items 2 & 3 and get back to you if I have any problems ....

As to question #4 ... I have never even as a child been afraid to ask questions as inquiring minds want to know .... LOL ... and I'm afraid it is much to late for a back-up of any kind ... :grin:

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I got the 2nd item to work by drag and drop from the applications selections ... I don't have a "Custom Launcher" but I do have a "Create Launcher" don't know how to use it .... :confused:

3rd item still evades me but I did learn a whole lot'a neat stuff about the taskbar ...

I have 3 Icons on my desktop that I'm not sure I need them there

  1. File System .... checked it out but can't open anything in it

  2. OS .... this is my Win SSD drive ... not sure just what it is doing there but why would I need access to it ???

  3. My swap drive is showing up there also ... again ???

Now I know there is a selection to show or not show drives on the desktop and if I chose don't show they go away .... but I also use Thumb Drives that I do want to show ... I don't see any other selection to just make the Icons 1..2..3.. disappear ... suggestions ????

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Hello Frog!

Have you tried entering the DISKS APP, and chose your drive, then click the GEAR :gear: icon, and go to EDIT MOUNT OPTIONS. You will find this....

See that checkmark I have Show In User Interface? If there is a drive you don't want to show, try unchecking that and see if it solves the issue.

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In order to help with these, I would need to know what you are trying to add to the desktop or panel.


I just checked and it was turned off ....

Here is the one I was talking about ... when you un-check it it doesn't display any drives even my thumb drives ....

Now that I can add icons to my desktop I don't think I need to add anything to my panel ....

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it's pretty easy to add things to the panel as well. i add the "applications menu" item to the panel in panel properties. so i use both the applications menu and the zorin application menu, but mostly just use the zorin menu to search for apps because it has the search box in that menu setup. i like how my customized menu items work in the applications menu the best. i believe menu editor is built in, but i also install alacarte, which is also called main menu. i think you can search for that either way. i use both because if i have a broken menu item, main menu gives you a good path to find the error and you can add menu items from there, but menulibre(menu editor) lets you position things in the order you want quicker.

but in either one, you just add a new menu - in my photos that's playback and then add menu items below/in that menu. most of the things i added are built from .sh scripts i made, but you can easily add regular apps.

there are a few paths to do this, but one i find easy is just looking at the properties of the existing app and seeing what it's command is and then adding a new item in main menu or menulibre and then calling it what you want and then picking an icon to go with it if you want.


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