Difference Between 'Try Zorin' & 'Install Zorin'?

I bought my latest 2022 model (Dell XPS 15 9520) just 2 months ago.

You say your laptop was brand new, so I assume it's brand new condition, right?

yes - should be!

Please do not duplicate threads. You already have a thread requesting assistance for the install.

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Z_123 there is nothing in life that is guaranteed (except death and taxes). Everything else is a chance. It might go well, there could be some issues or your image won't boot at all.... there are too many factors to guarantee an issue free installation. Your usb may be failing, but won't know unless you attempt to boot from it. A hard drive can have a malfunction, even brand new. You may not have hardware that is included with the kernel, so may take some work to resolve (not just RAM and CPU, but hard drive, video card, wifi and Bluetooth cards, sound card and not to mention the motherboard).

There are many reasons not to try, since it already works. But if you don't try, you are stuck in the catch 22 that is windows and this dilemma. So it comes down to, do you want to get out from under M$ thumb and their sharing of your information or are you content with it just working?

Most users find little issue on installations. I can say this because otherwise there would be many more people asking for help than the 20 or so every few days. Most issues can be resolved easily, if you listen and attempt the solutions. Not all solutions are one size fits all. Neither are operating systems.

So... the real question is, are you ready to see how far the rabbit hole goes and learn something on the way?

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Sorry Harvey. I can only plead ignorance of this forum's set up. Slowly, and with the great assistance of the 'staff' here, I am settling in. Dear Al helped me to find out how to move a thread to proper category instead of creating another.


Yes, I know there is every possibility for something to become a problem - however with all the time & money I have spent on making preparations to move on & be free from MS, it's far too late for me to give up now.

I've spent months considering which Linux distro to begin with and I happened to gladly end up here.

Yes, I am ready to go down the rabbit hole and learn something on the way.

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Then it's a matter of committing to and installing Zorin, then we can work out the issues. Take a look at [HOW TO] Partition & Install Zorin 16 which covers partitioning as well as things you should do prior to removing windows to ease the transition. I recommend reading it through first prior to actually doing it. If that option doesn't work for you, you can use the same method to wipe and partition after, or allow the installation do it for you (will be one large partition). Up to you. If you run into any problems, be descriptive and we can work through them.

Yes there are plenty of 'helpful' links here. The difficulty I have is that its too easy to get overwhelmed with new information. Its hard to be a newbie and while rules are meant to be helpful, they also can be intimidating and cumbersome? I have participated in forums before, but each one does have different formats and ability to maneuver posts. (I am a long time moderator at one forum and have come to learn that newbies can and will do things their own wayS.)

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While this is a very oft repeated phrase, its not entirely accurate - yes death is 'guaranteed', but taxes are a man made invention - plenty of which can be avoided :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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Not it America...but I'll give you that one. LOL

The 'poor' pay no taxes (other than inflation $ucking them dry). Learned to live 'legal poverty' style years back!

[PS the folk in Canada and all 'americas' south of U$$A border could take exception with claiming that title???

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Lets not forget the Lottery - the 'voluntary' tax on both the poor & working class.

Not for spoiling the party, but the 'brand new generation' of laptops or notebooks have persistent files for and from W 11. I read an article along the line that Windows is more and more evolving to unique limited W hardware only. A lot has to do with the new generations of NVMe's ..... So, it just might be that an install of any Linux is warranted on the 'next generation' hardware. I lost the link of that article and the site that shares it. But maybe you'll have to keep it in mind as well. (BIOS-burn, TPM 2.0 -limits, and motherboard restrictions -- if I recall well)

If Zorin OS is truly free & open source, then it should work on just about any hard drive or computer device - no matter how new or old it is...

A fine is a tax on doing bad while a tax is a fine for doing good.

You have to remember that whilst GNU/Linux is Free Software and covered under Copy Left GPL, Hardware isn't and if M$ can't get hardware manufacturer's to play ball, then they have two options - refuse to provide the Windows OS to the manufacturer (Yay! I can hear you all cry) or increase the premium of having Windows present on the hardware (OEM licence fee). The best story I ever read in a Linux Magazine was a guy from Oz who successfully sued Toshiba for failing to supply hardware without Windows being installed!

Well even if MS does not provide Windows OS to a computer manufacturer, how exactly would that affect a Linux user anyways?

Computer manufacturers don't want to struggle compiling hardware for GNU/Linux. If you want to ensure you have a machine that runs GNU/Linux it is best to either pay a premium to a dedicated purveyor of GNU/Linux hardware or if Desktop, build your own which would be cheaper depending on configuration.

Try Zorin - Boots you into a live desktop environment that you can play around to test your hardware and see if you like the operating system

Install Zorin - does exactly that installs the operating system to disc either alongside a operating system or wiping the whole disc depending on user settings

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