DirectX 12 using Steam's Proton tool


I would like to play Forza Horizon 5 on my PC again, but every time I (try to) launch it, it says "graphics card not supported" and then it says FH201, FH203, FH204 (which means that it doesn't support the DX12 features required - it does run on Windows). I'm currently using Proton Experimental and my eGPU with an AMD Radeon RX 6600.

Can someone please help?

You might want to use Eggroll of proton for that.

How do I enable that?

unpack it at


Note the game only got silver rating at Proton Database, so it might not run as smoothly.

What asset do I need to unpack? And how do I do that?

First you need to make sure you don't have steam flatpak installed, as it won't work with that, only the .deb package.
The process is simple enough:

cd Downloads
mkdir -p ~/.steam/root/compatibilitytools.d/
tar -xf GE-Proton7-28.tar.gz
mv GE-Proton7-28 ~/.steam/root/compatibilitytools.d/

Now you ca pick GE-Proton7-28 in Steam.

I've followed these instructions, but I can't see it in my proton list. I have installed the .deb package when I loaded Steam on my laptop.

Going to test it and see if -I made an error in the commands...

No errors in the commands. Make sure to restart Steam.

Restarted Steam and it shows up now. Now to test it.

It's still showing up with the same error. And now my computer's frozen (See here).

AMD card? Can't help you with that. I'm using nvidia cards.

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I should have installed Zorin using safe graphics...

Then if you using Nvidia card gpu then my question is did I installed correct drivers?

I would go with driver 515. The 470 is a bit buggy.

I have Nvidia GT 1030

So then what I should it automatic uninstall older and installing newer when i choose driver 515?

I got GTX 1070 and I use driver 515. They are in same family so the driver should work with yours.

When you install driver 515 the 470 driver will be automatically uninstall.

Ok. I can trying which one from top choose 515?

sudo apt install nvidia-driver-515