Disable alt+click draw window

I'm using zorin lite 16.1 (xfce), and i really need to disable the alt+click window dragging shortcut because it doesn't let me use the same shortcut in software like blender and unity which allows me to rotate the camera.
I've already tried editing the shortcuts in the settings but it is not there. is there some file that i can edit to delete this shortcut?

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That's strange, usually you disable a shortcut that is giving you problems and it's done, but looks that's not enough for you :thinking:. Did you simply CHANGE the commands of the Move Window shortcut or did you DISABLE it? Because if you disabled it and still does what you don't want it's a problem, not your mistake. Maybe check your softwares if they have same shortcuts set as Zorin ones.

Please try:

xfconf-query -c xfwm4 -p /general/easy_click -s none

thank you! i didn't use the command but instead i googled it and the first page found was this:

solution was: settings->window manager tweaks->accessibility->key used to grab and move windows->i used "mod5"(dunno what it is).
i suppose the command you posted also works.

problem solved.

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