Disabled drive, how to re-enable it?

Hey guys,

As the title suggests I deactivated my drive (Turned it off) in the Zorin OS app "Drives". I accidentally clicked on "Disable/Deactivate" with that little power button and now I cannot find an option to re-enable it? :man_shrugging: Where could I do so?

I tried sudo mount -a and sudo mount /mnt/DriveXY, which doesn't do anything. Also the drive still has an entry in /etc/fstab, so I'm wondering why I cannot re-activate it?

Why would you give the option do turn off a drive but not to turn it on again? Irritating.

Any hint would be highly appreciated :frowning:

Did you look in the disk utility ?

Yep, that's where I disabled it, but I don't see an option to enable a disabled drive. I clicked this button:

Once the button is clicked the drive disappears without any option of re-enabling it :man_shrugging:

From the looks of it is is already plugged, when you move your mouse on the square next to the minus it will say it is plugged. Just mount the disk

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If its an external hard drive, then just re-plug it.


Yeah, I figured that this was the only way out of this :smiley: Thought there would be a more convenient way, thank you though :slight_smile:


You can just mount it without removing it. Open files (filemanager) -> other locations and click on the drive to mount

No, The OP did not unmount the drive....They powered it off.
Powering off=removing it from the USB.


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