Disaster after installing updates of April 16, 2021 - various problems

As usual when I receive an updates notification, I clicked 'Install'. Right after, I did the requested system restart. I was able to login using my password, but:

  1. could not mount Truecrypt volume: cannot obtain admin permision
  2. lost my wired internet connection

Luckily, I had completed a Timeshift backup this morning. I restored it and everything went back to normal. Now, I have updates waiting to be installed, but I dare not install them.

I assume it was the 16/4/21 Linux kernel 5.4.0-72 update that got you.
You could have tried to boot using the previous kernel version, which I assume Timeshift has got you back to anyway.

I am not one of the developers. Having said that however, I absolutely don't recommend installing updates on the BETA. It is not a completed OS, and there are going to be bugs like that. Plus the BETA is also not meant for installations on computers, its meant to be tested in LIVE USB mode only.

@StarTreker I do not think it was the Beta that the OP was referring to, but update to Z15.3. That was my assumption anyway, hence my mention of 5.4.0-72. I think 16Beta has a much higher kernel version.

Are you saying that the update notices that I get several times a week are for beta software? That is extremely surprising. Beta isn't indicated anywhere on the dialog box containing the list of updates to everything from kernels to language packs to vivaldi and so much more. I would definitely not be installing beta versions on purpose.

I think Startrekker thought you were referring to the recently released Zorin OS 16 Beta, as everyone is talking about it.
You are running Zorin OS 15.3 Stable, so all your updates should be stable and vetted.
Something, however, has gone wrong in your recent updates.
I am not sure why truecrypt and wired connection failed, but have been running searches in the meantime. Glad that timeshift saved you from a headache while we research.

Oh my gosh, I am so sorry for providing confusion! Yes, I did think that he was speaking of the BETA, as just like you said, that is what everyone is talking about, and what everyone has been doing lately.

Plus, I have been busy today, so I couldn't get to this post until just now to offer my apologies. I do my best to help people, but I do make mistakes sometimes. Again sorry for the confusion, and what Aravisian said, and Zaba are right.

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Not a problem. I'm sure everything will be sorted out. Meanwhile, I will be unable to install any further updates until I hear that the coast is clear.

I don't know if it will help, but right after Truecrypt failed to gain admin access, I entered the same password into Timeshift and it was able to function correctly, obviously. They must ask for admin access in different ways.

Does anyone know if I can resume installing updates yet? I feel undressed with ancient 1-week old crustware running on my machine.

My wife is using Z15 core and I'm using Z16 core. Haven't had issues on either from updating, so I'd say go for it.

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Ok. I took a deep, deep breath and clicked 'Install now'. Everything appears to be ok. I was able to run TrueCrypt and I did not lose my wired internet connection. Thanks.