Discord Server?

Does Zorin have a Discord server?

This would be a really good idea.

I came across this where Feren OS has a Feren users forum on Discord. The best feature IMO is instant answers to any issues that you might have - with problems often resolved in minutes or helpful tips given

The problem with Discord is it is like one continuous thread - lost my password, got 19 tokens left and don’t know how to do permanent reset of password - not meaning to hijack this thread but thought I would raise with the Discord experts! :slightly_smiling_face:

You should have an option underneath the account login “Forgot Password?” if so click on that and use the email address that you registered the account with so that they can send an email to you on how to reset the password as for resetting the tokens you might need to contact discord support via https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Also see

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Thanks ImpWarfare, I’m about to change ISP so I need to change my registered email address - can that be done easily or would I be better setting a new account up? Thanks again. :wink:

Probably better setting a new account up if all fails and if you don’t have access to the previous account etc.

I agree that coming into the Discord thread afresh can lead to some back scrolling to find your own topic or forward to get to time is now.

I guess it wouldn’t be called discord, if it were perfect!

Instant support is however a nice feature of Discord