Discord & Youtube freeze

Can confirm here, if i have discord running and then i have a youtube video running, things botch up. its odd.


Hi, Snazzle.
I moved your post from Zorin freezes randomly to its own topic because your freezes do not appear random. I recommend you try the suggestions here and let us know if they help: Why does the video freeze when, in a meeting, I try to share the screen?

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Hi Carmar!

I did try, but i see no other drivers then my Wi-Fi Card, but it was working fine out of the box.

Any other suggestion? i was wondering if it was Ubuntu 18 related as i also had that issue with elementary before switching to Zorin and i don’t know if it possibly carried along or?


Yes, no need to mess with the wifi driver if it is working.
I don’t use discord, so I can’t compare but I did see this, if it helps: https://github.com/ubuntu/gnome-shell-extension-appindicator/issues/171

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It would not carry over through an Installation, but you are correct that it could be an issue that exists within Ubuntu Derivatives.

Thats what im thinking, I don’t recall having these issues with 20.10, So my hard gut tells me it may be a 18 issue.

Do you know when Zorin will bump to a more recent version of Ubuntu?

Seems like the bug was fixed in Ubuntu 20.04 but i guess we would need to wait for Zorin to go ahead and bump to that Distro

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