Discussing [HOW TO] boot Zorin OS iso file without bootable USB stick

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I haven't looked at the tutorial, but I assume the only way that could possibly work, is if you setup a small partition just big enough for the ISO. Put the ISO on that partition.

Then using whatever precedure it recommends to boot off of that ISO via GRUB, then launch the installer, and install Zorin on the main primary partition that has most of the space.

Just a guess, but seems logical to me. I would never use this technique, I would just do it the normal way. However, I do have to agree, its nice that you posted the tutorial to helps those who would use this technique instead of the normal way by USB stick.


It does have a real use case.
Some years ago, there was this terrible bug incident for Ubuntu installer which made some makes of laptop unable to change the boot order in BIOS. It was rendered to a red only state.

As a consequence, those people stuck to Ubuntu and unable to change OS. This unconventional method of booting from the separate partition to install a fixed version of Ubuntu saved many people in trouble at that time.

I remember I have helped at least 2 people with this method before the 3rd one I tried to help got so frustrated and became aggressive to me. Sadly we see the same story is repeating itself in this forum time to time...

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