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I like that Proton is enabling more games and apps to run on Linux. Linux is getting the support it needs.


Added video.

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WotR should now work with the Proton-experiment, so there's no need to use the GE version.

If you getting stock at a loading screen, downgrade to Proton 5.13, load the the save file and when getting pass the loading screen, save the game and switch back to the latest Proton.

That right there, is exactly the kind of thing, I am waiting for change, in the Linux community. I am sick and tired of Linux being considered like a 3rd class citizen.

All that is needed for change, is for developers to respect Linux enough to code for Linux, that will solve all the issues. But they simply do not care, because in their minds, there is no market share to be had for Linux.

In other words the answer why this continues on happening after all these years, MONEY

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I mean, the devs are making sense. Developers still need to feed their families, Most games release on Windows because they want people to play it. Proton is going to change that, instead of the devs porting we port the game.


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