Discussing [HowTo] Use gamemode in Zorin OS 16

What type a game you can advice or solution what working from steam or another platforms? I heard for Steam is good to use a Proton.


It really depends on the specs of your system what I can recommend and what genre you are in to.

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Working for me.

Whats up Bourne?

I don't recognize that game your playing, but I am super happy that its playing for you! Also, your computer SPECS are not bad there buddy. I bet there are a lot of games that you can play. :wink:

@StarTreker Whats up? I can sayed in linux we can find any solution with games and another software what "sayed monopoly for Billy". The best this game have a sign only on windows in steam. I started using some emulators and another things to can using programs from one operating system what are dedicated on another OS.

Ohhhh, I truly hate that junk from MS. There is a game collection that I bought called The Master Chief Collection, its the Halo series of games. I tried to play on Linux. The game would launch just fine via Proton, no issues with that.

The problem is, MS requires my Xbox Live account sign in. Well, I own an Xbox360, so of course I have an XboxLive account. But MS wouldn't even allow me to enter my account credentials to sign in, and would immedietly error out every single time.

There was literally 0-fixes at the time to allow me to get past that issue. All because MS hates Linux users and wants to make it as difficult as possible. This was a famous issue, as you can find oodles of documentation online talking about it.

I got a refund for the MCC since I couldn't play it. If MS wasn't such a monopolistic dictatorship of a company, it would have played fine without all that BS. Look at Valve, Valve supports Linux in just about every way, I don't have issues with their games!

Yes Monopol doing problems free open source where is very better from few past years. 30 birthday was linux not so long ago.

The game he was playing, and screen shot, was warframe. I'm glad that works. I haven't been able to get it working myself yet, but I've mostly been playing destiny 2, which doesn't work in Linux. I tried every proton version available. I think it has something to do with the additional anti cheating software bungie requires to play anymore.... not compatible with steam's anti cheat software yet.

Here you can see my fps and how much eating ram and vram on Zorin.

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