Discussing themes, Shameless plugs and Wombats

You really could click Customize Toolbar and check the box for Use system Titlebars. Killin' me here... :neutral_face:

Sorry, don't understand this one? Toolbar is that the same as taskbar?

In Firefox...

Guess you meant this,

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Oh man... Why does Firefox stretch the Titlebuttons in GNOME? It does not do that in other desktops...
I notice Dolphin does that, too. Alright. back to the drawing board.

Wow! Thank you for all of your hard work at making our desktops look great. :smiley:

Awesome! That name for the theme will perfectly fit for my gaming notebook :joy:

Acer Predator G9-793 :sunglasses:

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Yeah 'cept you use Gnome.:stuck_out_tongue:


I think its gorgeous! But I have a few questions about it, because its so different from many other theme layouts.

(1) Taskbar appears to be missing, where do open APP tabs go, how do you switch between APPS without having to use the ALT-TAB task switcher?

(2) What was your inspiration to name the theme Predator?

CONCLUSION: Your theme is making me teter on the edge of hitting that Submit button on Amazon to buy my 120 dollar drive! The temptation, the temptation! Ohhhhh the horror this Halloween season.

Now I caught Jeff's bug, ugg. :crazy_face:

It uses transparency, like everything else.
The panel (taskbar) is present.

The artistic motive of lack of anything better popping into my head. The working title was aaaaa.

It lacks Gnome-Shell theme but the rest should work in Gnome...


BTW, I just noticed that REPO is under your own username lol. I never knew that you created your own REPO, I don't even know how to do that, not that I would ever need to know, I am not a developer. I assume your REPO has good security on it knowing you lol.

I also really love that you have terminal install ability, the same way I installed my Star Labs theme, super cool! And thanks for explaining the name, I didn't know if it had anything to do with the Predator movie, or what.

BTW, that background, makes me think of the military vessil Silico from Aliens. I assume I nailed that first try, if not, at least I was close for whatever it actually is lol. Things are happening Aravisian...

Yeah, I hired the Pinkertons.

It didn't. But funny enough... looking at the Colors and that the theme elements use translucent appearance like the alien Predator does... It kinda works. But during its making and inception, those movies never once crossed my mind.

It is a black & white photo of a locker room:

I know who the Pinkertons are, I know my history. Back when DeadWood was a camp in the early 1900's, Ellis Alfred Swearingen feared them, probably because of all his illegal dealings lol.

Well, I purchased the drive, the only part I am not looking forward to, is having to unhook everything, and take my computer back apart again, but thats the nature of owning a notebook. I knew I was going to buy a 2nd internal drive eventually.

I think I need to bookmark this thread, cause I will never remember its title once its burried beneath the rock of LV426. I will bookmark it, so when OS 16 LITE finally gets released, I can call on this thread to install the theme.

Would you say this theme is your greatest creation? Cause personally, it kind of feels like it to me. :blush:

I would not say that. I actually have, I think, 27 other themes I have made here that have not been publicly released, yet.

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BTW Aravisian, I been meaning to tell you, I really love the name you chose for your moon theme Tranquility, which was obviously named after the sea of Tranquility.

One small step for Aravisian, one giant leap for shameless pluggain. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was a little off on my estimate here, wasn't I? :expressionless:

Perhaps, and perhaps it caused me confusion in my little human brain. But, as Scotty once said, if you want to be seen as a miracle worker, never be honest about how long it will really take.

Ahhhh Scotty, that Scottish drinking man, loved him, he was my favorite, funny, wise, and awesome. :grin:

Aravisian, I like this plomp theme, great job with the icons.
I might be wrong, but I also saw this with the prowler icons. Did you deliberately skipped the weather icon?


I included Weather Icon... Apparently... the Icon Name has changed Yet Again...

I will take a look.

I really like the look. Crisp looking. To me looks goldish. I have to say, I personally wouldn't think this color would work, but it looks darn good. Great Job.

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