Discussing Zorin Forum [HOW TO] make fast access to XFCE settings all in One Application

Ooooo, I really like that, I am going to use that. Yes, indeed yes

(As I twiddle my fingers)


Thank you kind sir .... that will definitely help me out as I zip about the many folders and files while customizing my newly installed XFCE .... sure looks like it will make my task so much easier ....


One to remember if I choose Z16 Lite.
(PS: I corrected minor typo in title.)


Thanks, Zab.

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To bad you don't have one for Gnome .... I used that pull down almost daily when I was using XFCE in fact I put it on my desktop so I could find it easier ....

Hearing about this experience, only reinforces my planned decision, to have Zorin OS 16 Gnome on the drive I have it now, and then install Zorin OS 16 XFCE on the other hard drive. I don't like the idea of installing two OS's on a single drive, and then hope and pray your GRUB menu goes well.

Or install a different DE over an OS, and hope the selector doesn't die on you, allowing you to switch DE's at the login screen. Having OS's on separate drives entirely, should allow me to simply hit the ESCAPE key at boot, to tell the BIOS which drive I want to boot off of.

As long as I don't get some weird magical gremlins stuck in my machine for some odd reason, my plan should work quite well.

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@StarTreker You express valid points and I'm in agreement with it. I currently dual boot the system Zorin 16 with M$ Windows 10. But it's temp for now and I'll wean myself off M$ eventually. I've got another machine that will run alternate OS and this will be fully Zorin 16. And I have a Chromebook that I travel with for on the road stuff. I'll stick with Gnome for now as I learn (and honestly it meets my needs)...but I'm looking and listening to the comments on XFCE. Know it will be a direction for me if just to have the working knowledge. :wink:


Something else I am curious to know as well too. I've already told you guys multiple times on this forum, about how I suffer a keyboard issue if I were to restart, I am on Gnome.

What I am curious to know is, if I switch to XFCE, will I have the same keyboard issue? Ahhhh you see, so many issues are attributed to the weirdness of Gnome, what problems are no longer problems under XFCE I wonder?

I like your plan to switch to XFCE eventually. For me, I keep gaming on Gnome, simply cause I got it all setup how I like and it works. No need to redoo all that in XFCE. But doing production in XFCE is what really excites me.

And even just average use of my computer in XFCE, I like the idea of that as well. Who knows, XFCE may even handle multi-monitor support better then Gnome does too for all I know. I am not an expert on how XFCE handles power management.

But, there is this weird issue where Gnome don't like my TV. If the TV is turned off for a length of time, Gnome is like, I don't see your TV anymore, I don't like that, so I am going to stop bothering to send a signal to it.

Thereby making it so when I turn the TV back on, oops, no display signal. I gotta hold ALT CTRL And F1 to get to login and enter credentials all over again, just to get it to send a signal back to the TV.

So maybe XFCE will even handle multi-monitor support better and not be a beeech like Gnome, who knows. I am also not blind to the fact that modern computers have special power management on the hardware level, because LAW in our country requires them too. So ya, that could be too, I did make a post on that.


Your problem is that you have a gnome.

Try kde... it actually works great AND uses about 2.8 gb of ram, so not much more than gnome


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