Display Settings Don't Stay

Trying out Zorin OS 16 Core in VirtualBox on macOS Big Sur. I set my display to 1440x900 but every time I boot up the display is 800x600. How do I get it to keep my preferred setting?

The first listed answer here should help you:


Nope. That did nothing. I also tried removing and reinstalling the guest additions, but I still boot up in 800x600 every time.

Did you install VirtualBox Extension Pack?
You need that to get a full resolution in your virtual machine.

It is not a stand alone app.
You need to install it within the VirtualBox app itself.

Yes, the Extension Pack was already installed. I tried a bunch of different things in the terminal suggested by other posts, then I manually resized the window and now it stays at 1440x922 (3:2). Success!


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