Do games run well on Zorin OS?

:joy: hahaha

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Drama is how it works with plenty bugs and people playing that. I playing sometimes but how many people put a money and greed for donation linux developers very sad.

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Schermafdruk van 2021-12-07 21-30-31
To bad I still can't start the game. If you can see it's grayed out. :unamused:

Do you use Lutris or Steam ? Also what game is that 4 or 5 ?

No just steam with Proton and Steam Linux Runtime - Soldier as mentioned above. This is The elders scrolls 4.

Try the gloriouseggroll proton.

Some games might require a lower proton version.

I played the older gta games (gta 3). On the 6.20 they work fine but they dont work with 6.21.

The what? Is that also a part of Steam? Or do I have install it seperatly?

See my post above, details are posted

More info can be found here

Try to download proton 5.13-x in steam it self

I have also this problem. You need install from this guide.
Proton on Steam don't install all package. I used experimental proton on Steam.

No he does not need this! :roll_eyes:

Sorry that didn't work either. :sob:

Do you put all commands ? Very fast.

Did you select the proton ge version in steam ?

Misschien maar even in het Nederlands. Wat heb je allemaal geprobeerd en gedaan ?


Maybe we should tlak in dutch. What did you try and what did you do already ?

sudo apt install gnome-software-plugin-flatpak

@Bourne, He is using the steam deb package and NOT flatpak! That will not fix his issue.

Dat gaat vast makkelijker.

Ik heb Wine geïnstalleerd
Ik heb Steam geïnstalleerd
Ik heb geswitched tussen Proton versies
Ik schijn de flatpack van Bourne al te hebben zonder dat ik het wist.

Die van hem is niks, jij gebruikt de deb pakket. Flatpak heb je niet eens nodig.

Heb je met jou spel ook proton 5.x geprobeerd ? Op protondb spreken mensen erover dat het gewoon werkt

You dont need the flatpak plugins because you are using the debian package

Did you try proton 5.x ? On the protondb people talked about the game that it just works

I think he want to help in some mysterious way,
hmmmm, strange

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