Do i have to install drivers

I installed Zorin on a fresh pc and the installation was smooth and it runs great.
I am going to use it for Streaming and gaming ,also editing and digital drawing. so planning to upgrade to PRO version if everything runs Great.

My mother board is Gigabite B450M DS3H ,Do i have to install drivers separately? the website doesn't shows any Linux drivers to download.
my system config is
gigabite B450M DS3H
16GB ram

All the above should be supported in the Linux Kernel. If everything is running on Core, then it will run the same on Pro. Zorin OS Pro does not "unlock" additional drivers or functionality.
It contains more layouts and more applications.

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thank you very much,appreciate it
i can install normal win 10 drivers from the website, right

You don't need drivers, everything works out of the box.

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For dual boot with Windows 10?
Not sure I understand this question.

I'm only using Zorin,
and I mean drivers for Zorin

thank you

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