Do we need to install ubuntu restricted extras?

If the answer is "yes", I suggest that there is a post-installation that shows, explains and asks the new user if they want to install it and then drive it in those steps.

Topic: Extra useful packages for users coming from windows: ubuntu-restricted-extras

Zorin OS Core 17.1

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Zorin has their own! :grin:

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I absolutely install both after the OS installation, even libusb-dev to help with USB devices :smirk:

But, you can install either ones you prefer.


Gday @ZoUs

No it's not a needed or required install.
"Ubuntu Restricted Extras" includes a collection of software and codecs that are not included by default in Ubuntu due to legal or copyright restrictions.

As pointed out by @PlumpKibbles , Zorin OS has a very large range & normally has it covered.

There are the ODD occasions that a proprietary codecs. driver/software, contained in the extras file is needed.

Hope this helps

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I did not know the USB package. Amazing!
I'll install, of course. And on the computers of friends that installed Zorin!

The information shared in this topic helped me a lot!

And thank you for changing the title and the area. I am new to this internet forums thing, and English is not my native language.

I’m going to this topic my other message, too:
As a recommendation, there may be a pop-up warning about the ubuntu-restricted-extras package (zorin-os-restricted-extras/zorin-os-restricted-addons), for laypeople who came to Zorin via installation of friends or technicians, and who understand little, very little technology.